Join the Nevada Housing Alliance

Why Join NHA?

In recent years, the number of proposed laws and ordinances that could negatively affect the industry continues to increase. As manufacturers, retailers, and other service & product providers, we need to work together. If we do, we can be an even stronger force in pushing back these laws and the efforts of the groups that threaten to damage the industry. NHA and our members are working to build relationships with legislators across the political spectrum. NHA has been successful in the past, but the challenge to protect our members increases every year.

Member Benefits

Help leverage NHA’s legislative network which includes the efforts of a contract lobbyist. NHA is our industry’s first line of defense to prevent and defeat proposed bills that would be detrimental for community owners’ bottom line.

Keep abreast of local government issues and assist where necessary.

Tap into the collective industry knowledge of the NHA membership. The NHA sponsors member events which are excellent opportunities to increase your business exposure, industry knowledge, and resources.

We offer various online and in-person training events.

Increase your customer traffic. As a member, your business will be featured on the NHA website and “featured” spots are available for purchase.

Become a Member

If you’re interested in joining NHA, great! We’d love to have your support. Just provide us with the following information and we’ll contact you shortly.

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